Dolf in English

Dolf Weverink – An experienced and spirited educator, capable of designing and executing professional educational programs and formats. Ever since he acted as Program Director in the Heineken Beer Communication Management Course, Dolf has embraced English as a working and teaching language. He is an investigative and creative mind, focused on kaizen, teamwork, and lifting spirits.    

Relevant projects

  • Instruct medical students at AmsterdamUMC to (re)write articles on research targeted at a wider audience (April 2022).
  • Teaching worldwide RVO Agricultural ambassadors to write engaging copy for their social media (2020).
  • Inspiring sales and marketing staff at HP Enterprise to connect to and communicate with corporate clients, in close cooperation with DPG Media (2020).
  • Copywriting in English: in-company training at Dexia Amsterdam and XYZTec (Nederlands Media Netwerk Trainingen 2019). 
  • At Enza Zaden, my colleague Anita van Stel and I designed the communications plan regarding Road2Digital, the digital transformation scheme, to be rolled out globally (2018-2019).

I read Dutch Language and Literature in Groningen and Amsterdam and qualified as ‘eerstegraads’ teacher. Got my CPE back in 2010, and took some more courses at British Language Training Centre and Babel. Ever since the nineties, I made several trips to the UK and the US, on holiday and to visit our sons, who studied in the US. At Cornell University, I dug up the first edition of Strunk’s famous ‘Elements of Style’.